X Men: The Days of the Future – X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past (X Men: Days of the Future) : X men send “Vulnerin” to the past to change history and prevent a thing that will eventually lead to the destruction of both human groups and mutant finds.

In the future, the mutants of the findings and the humans that help them are being killed by powerful robots called Sentinels. Professors Javier, Volverin, Magento, Storm, Katie Pereid and his friends meet at a convent in China. Javier explains to them that the invincible Robot Sentinels in 1973 made a mutated DNA called the Mystic, which attempted to kill its creator, Bolivar Tercas. Javier tells them that their only chance was to return to 1973 with the power of “jumping” and persuading “Mystic” to dissuade revenge. Anyway, it's just “Vulnerin” that can resist the damage of travel in time. Will he succeed in dissuading Mystic from taking revenge and thus blocking the Centises program and saving his friends?

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