Wild Strawberries 1957 with English Dub

Wild Strawberries (Wild Strawberries) : After a cold and lifeless life, an elderly professor must face his nullity.

Dr. Isaac Burg is a lonely man who, with the exception of Mrs. Agda, does not associate with anyone. Part of this lack of socialization is due to her cold behavior that others are reluctant to communicate with. He traveled to Lund from his home in Stockholm to honor his honor. Instead of a plane, he prefers to travel the long route with the car. Along the way, her bride, Mariana, who lived with her husband for a month ago, is with her and wants to return to her home. Many of the stops and strokes on the trip make Burge recall parts of his life. He remembered his childhood days that he lived with his mother, who was a very cold woman.

Awards list:

  • Won the best foreign film from Golden Globe

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