What A Man Wants – What a Man Wants 2018

What a Man Wants 2018 (What a Man Wants): A married taxi driver who always looks for other women has a profound effect on her sister's husband.

The film is about a middle-aged man who betrayed his wife except for his hobbies and has not been able to leave this habit. Suk Gayn is a taxi driver on Jeju Island, who has betrayed his wife for many times, expressing his interest in other women, but continues to insist that his wife loves “Duke Dude” and loves him well and his sister His younger, “Mi Yong,” takes care. Miyoung is married to a male chef called Bong Sue and they bring together an Italian restaurant. Unlike his brother, Bong Sue does not think at all about betrayal and the woman, until she is introduced to the beautiful girl named “Jah Neal” and thinks that his brother's wife may not be so bad either!

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