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Architecture and construction are becoming more and more amazing every day. This increase in competition has created competition and, as a result, increased amenities. One of the most important issues that was ignored until a few years ago was the issue of building ventilation. One of the most important factors of any building today is its ventilation system. Today we are going to software Ventsim Premium We are dedicated to designing the ventilation system.

Ventsim Premium The name of the software is very specialized and engineered to design air conditioning and simulation of airflow and density currents. The most important option of this software is to accurately simulate the current density that determines the route of exit of the designed ducts. And that is what drives the user to decide where the fans are and their angle. Air Flow Density Simulation Software, Professional Ventilation System Design, Smoke and Fire Simulation, Heat Parameter and Temperature Change with Temperature, Standard for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Ventilation Design, Two-dimensional Model Conversion Capability 3D and so on are only part of the capabilities of this software. You can now get the latest version of this software with a direct link from the Bit Download site.

Ventsim Premium Features:

  • Airflow density simulation software
  • Design of professional ventilation systems
  • Smoke and fire simulation of different scales
  • Accurate fit of ventilators and air intake systems
  • It has a complete library of different fans and channels
  • It has a heat parameter and changes the air movement according to the temperature
  • Standard for designing industrial, commercial and residential ventilation systems
  • Ability to convert 2D to 3D models
  • And . . .

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