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Van Helsing – Van Helsing Season 3 Episode 5

Van Helsing (van Helsing): Vanessa Halsing, a descendant of the great monster hunter, Abraham van Helsing, is set to destroy the bloodthirsty who captured the whole world.

In this rewriting of Dracula's story, vampires have been able to seize the whole world, and humans must save their lives by working together. The storyline focuses on a girl named Vanessa Halsing, one of the descendants of the famous hunter Abraham van Helsing, who has been comatose now for 5 years in a coma to hunt for vampires and monsters. Vanessa realizes that her blood is an amazing combination that can be secured against vampires, and, on the other hand, transforms these strange beings into human beings with their own blood. This power is the last hope of humans to return to the world.

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