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Tyne Wolf – Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 20

Teen Wolf: A high school student is biting with one of her best friends during an incident in the middle of a veil, resulting in her becoming a wolf. Now this high-school teenager has to deal with his new life.

Scott McCall is another Beckan Hills high school student. Until a friend of his name, Stills, takes him to the forest to show him the body of a dead man, but suddenly a wolfman attacks them and bites Scott. As a result of this incident, Scott is also one of the wolfs, which, as a result, is powerful and fast and becomes one of the stars of their school team. But with all of this, control of anger is very difficult for him. On the other hand, Scott loves one of the girls in the city, called “Allison”, whose father intends to kill him. Now, Scott has to control his anger and power, and, in addition to taking Alison's protection against the attack of the wolves, he must be careful not to understand his great secret.

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