Titanic – Titanic 1997 with English dubbing

Titanic 1997 (Titanic): A 17-year-old gentleman loves a young boy who is a merry but impoverished artist who is getting acquainted with the Titanic's luxurious ship.

84 years later, a 100-year-old old woman named Rose Duette defined her first love story for her grandson, Lizzie Calvert, Brooke Lotte, Lewis Bodin, Bobby Buehl and Anatoly Mickiewicz. On April 10, 1912, when Rose was just 17, she and her mother and fiancée who did not care about her enter a very luxurious ship called Titanic. On the other hand, Jack Dawson, a poor artist, along with his best friend in a game, wins the third-class ticket and walks with his enthusiasm. Rose describes the whole love story between himself and Jack from the beginning of their visit until the ship drowns.

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