The Unforgiven Movie – Unforgiven 1992

Unforgiven : William Manny, retired from a retired rifle, accepts a proposed job with his old partner and a young man for the last time.

The city is full of ordinary people and cowboys trying to live calmly, and the Sheriff of the city is building a home for himself. Everything seems calm, until one of the prostitutes in the city is beaten by two cowboys and it has a defective appearance. Friends of the prostitute who are dissatisfied with the sheriff's performance in dealing with offenders will receive a cash prize to take revenge on those two cowboys. William Manny, a former gunman and murderer, repents after his marriage and abandons them forever. He and his wife and two of his children are busy with farming and experiencing calm life. But, his wife suddenly goes away and he stays alone on the farm. After this incident, he decides to return to his former job to receive that cash prize. With his former friend and partner Ned, he is trying to find two cowboys and finish their work.

Awards list:

  • Won the best Oscar movie of the year
  • Best Oscar winner
  • Wins the best Oscar compilation
  • The winner is Best Actor in Oscar
  • Won the best male actor in the Golden Globe cinema
  • Winner of Best Director of Golden Globe Film
  • BAFTA Film Award wins Best Actress

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