The trial in Nuremberg – Judgment at Nuremberg 1961

Judgment at Nuremberg (trial in Nuremberg) : In 1948, the US court prosecuted four Nazi judges in occupied Germany for war crimes.

Four Nazi judges who have been abusing their side for cleansing and overturning Nazi war crimes are being prosecuted. Dan Hoywood is an American retired judge who has a hard time running. The Cold War is on the verge, and no one wants a trial like Germany and the United States wants to completely forget the past. But is it right to ignore past crimes? This is the decision the court must take and ….

Movie Awards list:

  • The winner is the best actor in the male role of Oscar
  • Winner of Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Other Media Resources from Oscar
  • Winner of Best Actor of Golden Globe
  • Won Best Director of Golden Globe

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