The Terminator 1984 with English Duplication

The Terminator: A humanoid Android robot (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) was sent from 2029 to 1984 to kill a woman. This woman is supposed to give birth to a boy who in the future (2029) will be a savior of humans and save humanity from robots and machine wars. To prevent this, a young officer is being sent at the same time in 1984 to protect the woman in any way.

A humanoid robot is sent from the future to carry out a deadly mission. She must kill a young woman named Sarah Connor, who is supposed to be his future son in a big threat to machine fighters and destroyers. Kyle Reyes is an officer who comes from the future to protect Sarah as it is. Terminator tries to find and kill Sara using artificial intelligence and endless power; but does Kyle succeed in defeating him and save Sarah?

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