The silence of lambs – The Silence of the Lambs 1991 with English dubbing

The Silence of the Lambs: A young officer, F.B.I, should work with a jailed killer to capture another serial killer who separates their victims' skin from their body.

The FBI Young Clerk, Claricot Starling, is working hard to advance her career. He is originally from the West Virginia, but hides this from the rest because he may face discriminatory behavior from the rest of his colleagues. After graduation, he tries to enter the unit of ethics in the organization, under the leadership of Jack Crowevord. Although he is still a trainee, Crawford asks him to investigate Dr. Hannibal, who has been jailed for serial killings and eating his victims for eight years. Starling soon realizes that he can use the brain of Dr. Hannibal to discover other files, including a serial kill that the murderer calls the “Buffalo Bill” in the media.

Awards list:

  • Won the best Oscar movie of the year
  • Best Oscar winner
  • The winner is the best female actor in Oscar
  • The winner is the best actor in the male role of Oscar
  • The winner of the best writing, the script is based on what Oscar has already produced or published
  • Winner of Best Actress in Golden Globe
  • Winner of Best Actor from BAFTA Film Award
  • Winner of Best Actress from BAFTA Film Award

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