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The Rhymes Series – The Originals Season 5 The Last Episode

The Originals: A genuine family of vampires, thousands of years old, want to regain the city they built, and overcome all those who make mistakes.

The series is a spin off of the popular Vampire Diaries series, which focuses on the Michaels family in New Orleans. The family consists of several sister and sister brothers, who were the only vampires of history: Claus (played by Joseph Morgan), Eliya (Daniel Gillis), and Robe Ka (Claire Halt).
Now, “Claus” must take Marcel, responsible for the city of New Orleans, to take back the city he originally built it. Several years ago, when he was prosecuted by his father, Claus was taken out of town. At that time, the city of New Orleans was under construction, and Marcel took advantage of this position and took over the responsibility of the city. Now, after many years, “Claus” has returned to take over the kingdom of the city and dismiss Marcel. He believes that each king also needs a heir, and therefore the first born child is inherited as heir. But this baby is two bloodthirsty and bloodthirsty veins ….

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