The Prince Bride Movie – The Princess Bride 1987 with English Dub

The Princess Bride: The grandfather of a sick boy who was admitted to his bedside is called a story Bride prince Definition.

An old man reads to his granddaughter a book called Prince's Bride that had come to him from previous generations. However, the boy does not like to hear this story and prefer the stories of the action romantically, but he accepts to listen to the story in order to break his grandfather's heart. This story is about an old farmer's daughter, “Batercup”, who has been chosen as the “Humphrey Prince” bride from Florin. Buttercup does not like the prince at all, and she is upset and saddened by her beloved death, Westlife, who lost her five years ago. Wesley was one of the farm workers in his father's house who fell in love for a while, but one day, when Westlife goes to sea, is being killed by Roberts pirates. Buttercup decides to get rid of the problems of this marriage ….

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