The Only Brave Movie – Only the Brave 2017

Only the Brave 2017 (Only Delaware): Based on a true story of the events of the Granite Mountains, a group of firefighters fleeing everything to save the city and saves people with sacrifice and sacrifice.

The film is based on an actual incident in Arizona. Eric Marsh, who is the director of the Prescott Firefighting Center in Arizona, is a very rigorous but righteous man. In the wake of the fires in the jungle's Jarnell hill, he joined the team to extinguish the flames in the forest and did not spare any sacrifice to save his people and his subordinates. But during this operation, he needs new troops, one of which is “Brady McDonough.” He will test new forces to assess their eligibility to be prepared for the largest and most dangerous firefighting missions.

After the new team enters the operation, it faces major challenges that ultimately make them courageous men who are real heroes to the public.

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