The Lives of Others 2006 with English Subtitles

The Lives of Others: 1984 East Berlin, a secret police officer, takes care of the life of a writer and fiancé during his careful life.

Circle Weissler is a secret police officer in eastern Germany. The film starts from where Weissler enters into a game written by George Dreiman, who is known as a typical citizen. Wessler feels that Dreiman, as he shows himself, can not be so ideal, and therefore accepts the Minister of Culture who has asked him to monitor the life of Dreiman. . But, after some time, Weissler realizes that the request is due to the fact that the secretary is fond of the “Dreamman” mistress “Crista Maria” and is looking for a way to dismay “Dreiman” to get him away from Get it on the way. The more Weissler's attention is to their words and movements, they are more keen on the lives of these two lover and beloved, and they can help them immensely at any time. After some time, he who can not find any evidence against the “Dreiman”, will soon find out how absurd and worth his job, until an incredible event occurs.

Awards list:

  • Won the best foreign language film of the year from Oscar
  • Winner of Best European Film Making from Golden Globe
  • Winner of Best European Actor from Golden Globe
  • Won the best distributor of the Golden Globe
  • Winner of the Best Non-Grammar Film from the BAFTA Film Award

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