The Legend of 1900 – The Legend of 1900 1998

The Legend of 1900 1998 (The Legend of 1900): A boy's baby is found on a ship in 1900 and grows there, without even placing his leg on the ground.

In 1900, Danny Bidman, a wrestling worker, finds the abandoned baby on the same ship. He decides to take care of the baby and takes care of him. Because he found him in 1900, his name was “1900”. He takes care of his “1900” as his own child, until he is killed in an incident that occurs on board the ship. This kid, who has never left the ship, has a musical genius, especially when he starts playing the piano without having ever been educated before. He goes on for years, and he is still on the boat and lives on with the bomber and is loved by Max Tony, a Trumpet player. After years, Max leaves the ship and defines the story of “1900” for one of the owners of the music store.

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