The Hateful Eight 2015 movie with English dubbing

The Hateful Eight 2015 (Eight Disgusting): In a hard winter, an execution officer, along with his prisoner, enters into a shelter to stay safe from snow and blizzards, in which ugly and offensive characters are present.

The story is narrated after the American Civil War. There is a bit of winter and a blizzard, and in the meantime, the carriage of John Roth and his prisoner, who is supposed to take him to the city to help him, is in trouble. Therefore, they are forced to go for a shelter. On the way, they face a man named Marcus Warren, who says he is an officer, and Chris Manix, who claims to be the new sheriff of the city. These four people arrive at a place to seek refuge and when they arrive, they will see four unfamiliar faces that will bring about evil. The events that take place between these eight people will make each one make a new decision that can have a huge impact on their fate.

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