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The Discovery of the Witches Season 1 Episode 8

A Discovery of the Witches (Discover Wizards): Diana Bishop, the historian and magician, has access to “Ashmole 782” and knows she has to solve the mystery. Matthew Climont, a very mysterious man, offers to help him, but he is a vampire and the magicians should not trust the vampires.

In a world where wizards, vampires, and evil spirits live side by side with prudent humans, Diana Bishop is the last survivor of a distinguished and distinguished generation of magicians. He has no interest in this legacy and prefers to immerse himself in his work as a historian, focusing only on the study of history. A keen alchemist, he goes to Oxford for a few days and studies the works of Elias Schmule. Until one day he asks for the book “Ashmol 782” to be read. But as soon as he receives it, he discovers something is strange; when he opens it, he is shocked. He is besieged and threatened, and he knows very well that in order to protect himself he must find all the secrets of this work.

When he encounters Matthew, a vampire, Matthew offers him help. But both know very well that wizards and vampires should never trust each other.

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