Tangerines – Tangerines 2013

Tangerines 2013 (Tangerines): The time of the Georgian war was in the Abkhazistan area of ​​the 1990s. An Estonian man named “Ivo” has been left on his farm to harvest his tangerines. In a bloody conflict that occurs in front of his house, one person is severely injured and Ivo will be forced to take him to his house and take care of him.

In 1992, Abkhazistan's localities rebelled for separation from Georgia. The Estonian village between these two mountains is completely empty, and all have returned to their towns, with the exception of two male farmers named Ivo and Margus. But, “Margus” is also going to get out of his tangerines. In the bloody clash that occurs in their small village, two injured men are forced to take them to their house to take care of them. But they are two groups opposing the war, one Abkhazian and one Georgian. But how do these two enemies endure under one roof?

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