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Supergirl – Supergirl Season 4 Episode 4

Supergirl (Supergirl): A young girl, supposedly uncle “Superman”, has certain powers that he uses to counteract the evil forces.

Years ago, when the Kryptonite was demolished, Calle-Ael was sent to earth to save the catastrophe, and along with this, his uncle, Cara, accompanies him. Unfortunately, before they reach the ground, he accidentally “clears” him apart, and goes on a different time zone with the difference of a few years. After a while, they find each other, with the difference that Kal-e is no longer a baby and has now become a superman. Kara, who enjoys certain powers, has hidden them all for years and portrayed herself as an ordinary girl, until a big and unpredictable crisis happens and he is forced to To save his cousin like a superhero like his cousin.

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