Supercopier – The application for increasing file transfer speeds

Moving and copying files is one of the routine tasks that can be done on a daily basis. Now, if the transfer speed is not acceptable, the user may be wasted a lot of time and cause problems. Decreasing and reducing file transfer speeds in Windows has many reasons that we ignore. But we have a solution to this problem and that is the use of software Supercopier is.

Supercopier The name of the software is very small but powerful and efficient, which is capable of increasing the speed of copying files and will satisfy every user. In fact, this software can speed the file by multiplying all the power of the system resources on file transfer. Convenient and simple user interface, multiplier file transfer speeds, Pause and Resume file transfers, accurate display of copied files and remaining time, the ability to create a transfer speed limit, highly accurate log files, etc. The capabilities of this software are considered. You can now download the latest version of this software with a direct link from the download bit site.

Supercopier features:

  • Appropriate and simple user interface
  • Multiply file transfer speed
  • Pause and Resume File Transfer
  • Display the exact amount of copied files and the remaining time
  • Ability to create a transfer speed limit
  • Very accurate logic
  • And . . .

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