Sting Film – The Sting 1973 with English Dub

The Sting : Two cheeky men share together to do a great scam.

Johnny Hooker, a novice scammer, who, without knowing, steals with the co-founder of Douglas Luther with his partner, Luther. “Lunar” kills Luther to give them a great lesson. Hooker escapes quickly and shelters to help another criminal, Henry Gandorff, who has been one of Luther's interlocutors. Hooker, who does not know how to kill, wants to use Gandorff's skill to kick off a huge amount of “Lungan” and thus take his partner's revenge. The two complex plans to take this revenge and ask other fraudsters to help them in implementing the map. To win this map, everyone needs skills, and each of them will share their share of this map.

Awards list:

  • Won the best Oscar movie of the year
  • Best Oscar winner
  • Winner of Best Art Director, – Scene design from Oscar
  • Wins the best Oscar designer
  • Wins the best Oscar compilation
  • The winner of the best writing, story or script based on real resources or resources that were not previously released and released from Oscar
  • Winner of the best original Orlando music adapted from Oscar

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