Stars On Earth – Like Stars on Earth 2007

Like Stars on Earth: A mischievous, lazy, eight-year-old boy, who is constantly struggling, reveals his talent with the arrival of a new teacher to school.

“He is an Avesi” is a 8-year-old student whose world is filled with colorful imaginations that nobody around him cares about. He constantly thinks of things like colors, fish, kites and dogs that do not matter at all for grandparents, and instead always thinking things like crap, score, and cleanliness. So, it seems that “he” in the class does not pay much attention to the lessons and takes very bad grades. His grades are so low that his parents are forced to send him to a boarding school. Nothing changes in the new school, and in addition to the previous problems, now “he” must also be confronted with anxiety away from his family. One day, a new art teacher named “Ram Shankar Nikombe” enters a school that treats children with joy and optimism.

Mr. Teacher disrupts all the “how to do” rules by asking questions from children and encouraging them to visualize and dream. All the kids welcomed this method with eagerness, except “they”. Mr. Teacher realizes that “he” is always very sad and seeks to understand the root cause of these inconveniences. By putting time and patience, finally, the teacher understands the main issue and ….

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