Star Trek 2009 movie with English dubbing

Star Trek 2009 (Star Trek): James Crack, a young and unhappy young man, is trying to preserve the legacy of her hero's father. While a spiteful Romulan attempts to destroy her and her planet to get revenge on Kirk, she's been using advanced weapons.

On the birthday of James Crick, his father was killed to deal with a ruthless Romulan to a neighboring planet. The Romulan had gone there to kill Spac, the half man, and killed the father of Kirk. 25 years since, and now “Kirk” has become a brave young man. He is challenged by Captain Christopher Pike to reveal his true potential. But the same challenge is hurting academic academics, including Spock. Suddenly, there is an emergency in Volcano that unifies Kirk, Spock and other people there.

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