Seventh Seal 1957 with English Subtitles

The Seventh There: A man in the Middle Ages, the angel meets death, and invites him to a chess game to postpone his death, and during the game he tries to find an answer to the meaning of life, death, and the existence of God.

A knight and his master return to their homeland after the Crusades. The black death (plague) has swept across the country. One day the angel of death comes to the knight and tells him that this time is his turn. But, the angel's knight invites death to challenge the chess game, and he asks him to give his life in the event of winning. The film is a masterpiece and extraordinary effect that, after all these years of making it, is still one of the most elegant and enchanting films. In fact, this movie can be regarded as one of the daring cinematic films by challenging the truth and the existence of God in the Middle Ages theme.

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