Secret movie in their eyes – The Secret In Their Eyes 2009

The Secret In Their Eyes (The Secret In Their Eyes) : A retired legal adviser begins to write a novel to find the secret of an unresolved murder case in the past.

In 1999, a federal court attorney named Benjamin Esposito, who has now retired, writes a novel based on a closed old case. This case concerns the brutal rape and murder of a woman named Liliana Coloto. Also, seeing the grief of the victim's husband, Riccardo Morales, Benjamin, his assistant Pablo Sandwall and their newly-recruited head, Irene Menendez, are personally affected; so far as “Benjamin” and ” Pablo “are looking for a killer, so the closure of the case would always annoy Benjamin. Although the organization accused two men of murder, Benjamin and Pablo believed the real killer was a man named Isidoro Gomez. Benjamin knows that historical precision is not superior to his novel, but the process of reviewing the case for him is more for closing it. He tries to talk with key people in the case, especially Irene, and who he has always been attracted to.

Awards list:

  • Oscar Best Foreign Language Film

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