Red sparrows – Red Sparrow 2018

Red Sparrow: A ballerina called Dominica Agourava is hired by the Russian intelligence service to use its body as a weapon. As his first mission, he must be seduced by a CIA officer and obtained important information from him.

Dominica (played by Jennifer Lawrence) is a well-known ballerina, performing with pleasure all on stage. But one day during the performance, he finds serious damage that he has to quit the ballet forever; this means that he can no longer get dance ballet money to cover his mother's maternal condition. At the height of disappointment, his uncle offers him a job. He says to Dominica that he can receive money from the Russian government for a long time in exchange for a simple task. All he needs to do is relocate Telen along with an American tourist with the same phone.

Dominica accepts reluctantly and decides to do so. But, the situation suddenly becomes very complicated, and at the same time a rider is approaching them and kills the man in front of her innocent girl's eyes. After this incident, Dominika's uncle, instead of supporting him, threatens to kill her and her mother if she is not a member of the Russian intelligence agency. It turns out that Dominica becomes a member of the Russian intelligence agency, which is referred to as “sparrow” to members of the organization. In his first mission, he must be seduced by a CIA officer.

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