Rashomon movie – Rashomon 1950 with English subtitles

Rashomon: The film shows a terrible crime and its consequences from a completely different perspective.

The film is a narrator of a priest, a woodcutter and another man who is trying to save his life from a storm in a city called Rachamon. Pastor and woodcutter are talking about the corpse of a samurai found three days ago by a woodcutter in the woods. Both of them were summoned for trial in the Samurai assassination court. The pastor had seen her along with her husband in the forest a day before the Samurai's murder. The other three, who met in court for testimony, consider only one person responsible for the death of a samurai: a notorious bandit named “Tajomaru”, who raped his wife after Samurai's murder. But ultimately, these witnesses disagree with each other that the motive for murder and how to kill the samurai was different.

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