Raging Bull 1980 movie with English dubbing

Raging Bull : The narrator is the boxer's life called “Jake Lamota”, which destroys his violence and offending his life outside the ring.

When Jake Lamota enters the box office and is placed in front of his opponent, he is considered a professional fist. But, when doing the same gestures with the family and others outside the rig, it's more like a rough psychosis than a professional fist. Although he loves his family, a kind of paranoid of anger and jealousy makes him unable to cope well with his family members, and always treats them as opponents in a racing tournament, which gives him one He has become a professional boxing champion in the rally, but in real life, everyone leaves him and he must stand alone.

Awards list:

  • Wins the best Oscar compilation
  • The winner is the best actor in the male role of Oscar
  • Winner of Best Actor of Golden Globe
  • Winner of Best BAFTA Film Award
  • The winner is the newest actor from the BAFTA Film Award

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