Prometheus 2012 movie with English dubbing

Prometheus (Prometheus) A researcher team, following human clues, observes a structure on a remote moon and soon realizes that they are not alone.

The story is about a group of explorers who travel to the planet with a spacecraft after a planet is discovered in the cave drafts by archaeologists. On the journey, all human beings and a humanoid robot, called David, land on the planet together. There, the group explores on the soil, cave, and elsewhere to find out what happened in prehistory and why the planet was drawn in cave drawings. David, in one of these explorations, is sampling on a capsule object and secretly pushing the ship to test it. This is actually an alien venom, but he does not know this. On the second day, the exploration group goes back to search, which faces bodies of the former discovery group that have been horribly killed. David is back in search of secretly until he encounters a command room in the hallways between the mountains.

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