Pride and Prejudice 2005

Pride and Prejudice 2005 (Pride and Prejudice): With the acquaintance of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, who is a wealthy, single man, a spell of love is fluttering between them. Darcy is reluctant to accept that she falls in love with a woman, but can both of them be able to cope with their pride and prejudice?

The main character of the story is Elizabeth Bennett, a young, wise, explicit, and very young woman who has made her own views on marriage and has never married. On the other hand, the young and wealthy young man, Darcy, who is proud of the aristocracy and very proud, strongly believes in social classes and preservation. Of course Darcy is a shy and romantic man who has not yet married. When the two see each other, the spark of love between them becomes clear, but one because of pride and the other because of prejudice, they want to ignore it, until ….

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