Muhammad the Prophet Allah – The Message 1976

The Message 1976 (Mission / Muhammad the Prophet Muhammad): This epic historical drama deals with the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the beginning of Islam and tells the events of those days.

In the seventh century, Muhammad (PBUH) meets an angel called “Gibreel” who wants to guide Mecca's people to the right path to worship God (Allah). But they are exiled to Medina before they reach Mecca to fight the oppressors and free the city of God. In this film, the image of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Ali (AS) is not shown due to respect for Muslim beliefs. In fact, the main character of this film is around the prophet's uncle Hamza ibn Abdulmutallab.

The film deals with the issues of the Prophet's affairs, the killing of Somayeh and the torture of Bilal Habashi, the war between Ahad and Badr, the migration of Muslims and other events of Islamic history.

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