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Mr. Robot's Serial – Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 10

Mr. Robot (Mr. Robot): Elliot is a young, intelligent but unstable cyber security engineer who plays a key role in a highly sophisticated global gaming world, and with the help of his allies, he wants to destroy the corrupt company that works for him.

A young programmer and hacker genius known as Elliott, works as a cyber security engineer and at night as a guerrilla hacker. He suffers from strange conditions like schizophrenia and tries to control it in any way by eating legal and illegal pills and referring to a doctor. One day, a strange young woman, along with a mysterious middle-aged man describing herself as “Mr. Robot”, is advised to work at night in a group of underground hackers called “F Sousati”. They want to destroy E-Corp, an international money and currency company, the company that Eliot works for and tells the evil company. Mr. Robots, who has personal reasons for destroying the company, tells him there is another hacker group that is much more mysterious and more secure than them and is supposed to work with him.

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