Movie on the Dock – On the Waterfront 1954

On the Waterfront (on the Dock) : A former fighter and fighter who now works as a pier at the harbor harbor, stands in front of his corrupt ruler.

“Terry Molae” is an anchor barber, who dreamed of winning the struggle. One day he witnesses the murder of a man by two assassins from his boss Johnny Ferndale, and after a while he meets the sister of the victim and falls in love with him and feels responsible for his brother's death. The victim's sister takes her to the father of Berry, the local pastor, and the pastor tries to encourage Terry to sue the boss of the dock, Johnny Ferndale. Terry has doubts about loyalty to Johnny and his love for the victim's sister, and the choice of one is betraying the other.

Awards list:

  • Won the best Oscar movie of the year
  • Best Oscar winner
  • Wins the best Oscar compilation
  • Won Best Actress for Oscar
  • The winner is the best actor in the male role of Oscar
  • Winner of Best Oscar Film, Black and White
  • Winner of Best Director of Art, Decoration, Black and White from Oscar
  • Won Best Writing, Story and Screenplay from Oscar
  • The winner of the best film – the story of Golden Globe
  • Winner of Best Actor of Golden Globe
  • Won Best Director of Golden Globe
  • Won Best of the Golden Globe, Black and White
  • Won the best male actor from the BAFTA Film Award

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