Movie of Evil – Touch of Evil 1958 with English Dub

Touch of Evil (does evil) : A complete and misleading story of murder, kidnapping and police corruption in a Mexican border town.

A Mexican policeman called Mike Vargas is forced to leave her honeymoon halfway and goes to one of the border towns between Mexico and the United States to investigate the murder of an American man killed in a car bombing. The victim has been killed on the frontier, namely the United States, but it is quite clear that a person on the Mexican border has caused a car bomb. As a result, Vargas has delayed his return to Mexico City to work on another case involving grandiose crimes and drug trafficking syndicates. In the United States, a police officer named Hank Queenlon is responsible for dealing with the murder case of a American man and is suspected of a Mexican man called Manolo Sanchez very soon.

The Vargas is skeptical of Queenlon and his superior officer, Pit Mezis, who are attempting to pull off evidence against Sanchez. With his American wife Suzie, he goes to the frontier and resides in an American hotel and is investigating Quinlin's recent cases. Meanwhile, as he is investigating the corruption of the police, Grande plans to take revenge on Vargas and want to begin with his suizy.

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