Mormore movie – Goosebumps 2015

Goosebumps 2015 (Moore): After the resurrection of the imaginary beings of the writer of horror books and their attack on the city, a teenage boy along with the mysterious girl of this writer together formed a group to destroy these demons.

First of all, I must say that the film is about monsters and any other abnormal existence. Zack Cooper is a teenage boy who recently moved to a small town and faces a beautiful girl named Hannah, who lives in the neighborhood, when he arrives. After some time, Zak finds that the father of this girl is a bit strange, and is actually the famous writer of the series of scary books and selling “Morvares”. The reason why this writer seems strange is that all the hails he has addressed in his books are not at all imaginary and true. He has imprisoned them in the book to protect the rest.

Zak, who knows nothing, unwittingly frees the monsters from the book and they start assassinating the city. Now, Zack, Hannah and author Stein must do their best to bring these dangerous creatures back to the book world.

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