Monsters University Animation – Monsters, Inc. 2001 with English subtitles

Monsters, Inc. (Monsters, Inc) : In order to raise the city's strength, the monsters must scare children to scream. However, kids are poison for monsters. But when a little girl crosses this red line, the monster finds out that what they thought might not be right.

Monstropolis is a city of monsters that no human being lives in, and in the center there is a company called monsters. James Sullivan, most called “Sally”, is a great monster and lovely, and Mike is a small, green monster with only one eye in the middle of her head. One night, accidentally, Sally brought a 2-year-old girl to the land of monster, and this is the beginning of new affairs that Sally and Mike have to face. The two monsters should try to bring the girl back to her home without knowing anyone, especially two bad monster who may be doing very dangerous things if they know that a child is there.

Awards list:

  • Winner of Best Music, original song from Oscar

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