Men X 2 – X-Men 2 2003 with English Subtitles

X Men 2 (X Men 2) The X-Men Group reunite together to take on the front of a mutilated killer who has intended the president's life. On the other hand, the mutated academy has also been attacked by army forces.

It's been past months since X men fought with Magento, who were able to beat him and imprisoned in a seemingly intolerable plastic room. One day, a mutant, “crawling night”, penetrates the White House and tries to kill the president, but faces a chain of anti-mutated government forces. Meanwhile, Logan tries to get information from his past. A scientist named William Streaker succeeds in locating the secret school of Professor X and releasing “magnetism” from where he was imprisoned. But when Professor X's school is attacked by Streicher's forces, Logan, Marie, IIS and a few other mutation finds out to escape and their lives To save. They meet in Boston and form an unpleasant alliance with Magento to rescue Professor X from Stryker.

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