Memories of Murder 2003 with English subtitles

Memories of Murder: In one of South Korea's southern provinces in 1986, three police detectives are investigating and investigating a rape and murder case by an unidentified offender.

In 1986, in one of the Guiyang Provinces in South Korea, the body of the second young woman, whose mouth is closed with her underwear, is known to have been raped. Detective “Dv Mann Park” and Detective “Chou Yong-ko” are two wild and foolish police officers who, without any technique, just torture suspects of these killings at death's death, and do not yield any results. Another detective, Seo Tae-Yun, is being sent from Seoul to the village to handle the case with two other officers. He soon realizes that all of these killings are being carried out by a serial killer. When the third female body, exactly the same as the two previous women was murdered, was found, they find new clues to find the killer ….

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