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Magnum Series – Maniac 2018 Season One

Maniac: Two strangers who are treated with a mysterious drug and they are told that these drugs do not have any side effects and solve all the problems are approaching the end of the treatment. But nothing is planned as planned.

Annie Landesberg (with Button's play) is a girl who is unhappy with her life and wants to improve her relationships with her mother and sister. On the other hand, a boy named Owen Melargim (played by Jona Hill), son of a very rich New York family, is suffering from schizophrenia. Both of them are frustrated and tired of life. Until a man named Dr. Mantelerie who claims to have invented pills to solve all the problems, he asks people to join him for a few days. Annie and Owen, along with 10 others, are taking part in this experiment to test the pills for their treatment.

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