Logan video – Logan 2017 with English dubbing

LoganIn the not too distant future, Logan, along with Professor X, lives in a remote area on the Mexican border. He tries to hide himself and the professor from the world; however, the situation changes with the arrival of a young girl whose forces are looking for him.

In 2029, the mutated population is significantly reduced, and no longer is news of my X-Men. Logan (played by Hugh Jackman), whose self-healing power is gradually dying, is busy driving his life. He secretly cares about Professor X, who is now very ill. One day, a stranger calls on Logan to take her daughter, Laura, to the Canadian border. Logan does not initially accept, but Professor X has long been waiting for this girl. “Laura” is actually a mutation that has an extraordinary ability to fight. This girl has been created through D.N.A. “Logan” and therefore her daughter is considered. The organization is seeking Laura to use him as a soldier to kill others, but he and other mutated children decide to flee and …

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