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Lethal Weapon Season 3 Episode 6

Lethal Weapon: A police officer who is suffering from a slight disorder is partnering with an experienced detective to lower her stress level.

Martin Riggs and Roger Mortag are two policemen fighting the crimes of the city of Los Angeles. Following the death of Maritain's pregnant wife, she emerges from the navy army and relocates to California to join the LAPD force. In this organization, he is associated with Mortag, who recently recovered from a dangerous heart attack. Martin, who has nothing to lose after his death, does crazy things and has no fear of death. On the contrary, Mortag is a very cautious and family-friendly person who should avoid any stress due to his recent heart attack. The two are cooperating with each other due to differences in their techniques, and they must be able to come to terms with each other in order to quickly resolve their cases.

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