Korean movie Oldboy 2003 with English subtitles and direct links

OldboyA young man named “Oh Dae Sou” was abducted and imprisoned by an unknown person for fifteen years. Now he is released to find someone who has imprisoned him for 15 years in less than 5 days.

In early 1988, in a rainy evening, Oh Dae Suez woke up in a locked-out room without a window. There, a person who does not reveal his identity secretly gives him food and clothing, and calms him down to prevent his suicide. There is only one TV in the room that Dae Soo can communicate with outside the world. But after 15 years, Dae Sue is deliberately released, so that he can find someone who has done this with him and suffer most of him. But, it only has 5 days to do this. However, who hates Oh Dae Soo so much?

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