King Lear movie of the year 2018

King Lear 2018 (King Lear): An old king decides to divide his monarchy among his three daughters, but by doing so, he sees the real face of his surroundings and the truth of everything becomes apparent to him.

King Lear, an elderly man and about 80 years old, wants to divide it between his three daughters, “Gonerel”, “Ragan” and “Kdlia” for the survival of the kingdom. But, the third girl, “Cradley”, is not willing to accept this decision, and her father is angry with her and rejects her. But after two other girls came to power, they drove their father from their homes and, on the other hand, the prime minister betrayed the king through his son. This makes him realize that he was all wrong and now he is the only girl he has left.

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