Jurassic Park 3 – Jurassic Park III 2001 with English Dub

Jurassic Park III (Jurassic Park 3) : An untrustworthy and bizarre couple with their own motive convinces Dr. Grant to go to Serena Island, resulting in an unexpected landing and, of course, unexpected new inhabitants.

Dr. Alan Grant is now a happy man who has passed the past events and is forgetting it. She is so happy that she even announces in a public announcement that nothing on earth can tempt her again to leave the Jurassic Islands. Maybe nothing but Powell Kirby. Powell and his wife, Amanda, want to go to Isla Surena Island and ask Dr. Gantt to accompany them as guides. But nothing that Paul says is not true. When the plane lands, Gantt just finds out that they are there for another reason, and that's what she does not know. Now, Gantt is caught on an island that has never been there before and is entering a new and dangerous adventure.

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