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Into the Badlands series, episode 3

Into the Badlands (in Badlands): A powerful warrior, along with a young boy to get to the truth and explore enlightenment, must face great challenges in the territory under the control of the feudal and raucous barons, “Badlands.”

Regent Sunny is a professional and deadly “Head Clipper” of the Baron Quinn campaign to save the lives of a mysterious young man named “MK” who hides his dark past. Sunny decides to teach MK martial arts teenager and professional career, but she is unaware of her past. After some time, Damon's landlord Kevin dies. Sunny realizes that her mistress illegally gets pregnant, and on the other hand, Vido, a woman who believes that “MKI” is the one who can help him to meet his demands, wants to They fight As they all fight over Badlands' control, the fate of this rebellious teenager and a stoic killer is tied together.

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