Insecure Movie – Unsane 2018

Unsane (unsafe): A young woman is ruthlessly taken to a psychiatric hospital, where she must face her biggest fears. But are these fears real, or is it the birth of his imagination?

Sueer Valentine is a girl who has been harassed by a man named Peter Strain. He relocates to another city to escape his mental problems and is associated with a psychiatrist's doctor to improve himself. Until one day, the psychiatrist will give him a gift. Sueir signs without reading the papers; he is unaware of the fact that the papers are ordered to be admitted to the hospital.

When they bring Sueir to the hospital, they find that they are illegally getting healthy people to get more insurance money through another patient there. It does not take long for Suir, the same man who harassed him, at the same home. “Peter” has been working at this dude that “Sueer” is bad at seeing him again, and whatever strikes him can not prove to anyone. until… .

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