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Hannibal Series – Hannibal Season 3 Final Part

Hannibal (Hannibal): An early relationship between a well-known and sick psychiatrist, who is an FBI agent and criminal prosecutor, follows someone who can well communicate emotionally with serial killers.

“Will Graham” is a special advisor to the FBI. He has a special talent that can communicate with anyone he wants and put himself in. This means he can well help the FBI forces to help prosecute cases, especially serial killings, with proper profiling of killer characteristics and predicting their next moves. For a specific case, the FBI is forced to seek help from a very famous psychiatrist called Hannibal Lecter.

Sholtr y afterwards, Will is being treated as a Hannibal patient, but he does not long enough to be convinced that Hannibal is the serial killer the United States is looking for.

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