Green Road Movie – The Green Mile 1999 with English Dub

The Green Mile: The lives of the guards of detainees sentenced to death are under the influence of one of the prisoners. This prisoner is a black man and a strong man who has been accused of killing and raping a child and yet has an extraordinary force.

When the guards of a prison understand the extraordinary force of one of their prisoners, they are greatly influenced by the moral and moral crisis over their jobs. The film's story tells in the 1930s that the head of the guard named “Paul Akkam” (played by Tom Hanks) is responsible for the execution of prisoners. Meanwhile, she is facing a prisoner convicted of killing a girl child. This imprisoned man, who is a dark-skinned black man, is initially violent and uncontrollable. However, after a while, “Aikam” understands that he is not only dangerous, but also very kind and kind, and in addition has a strange force that can heal the illnesses and diseases, and so on.

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