Graphisoft ArchiCAD v20 Build 8005 3D Building Design Software

Today, civil engineers use Graphisofts ArchiCAD to design and implement 3D environments from the interior and exterior of the building, which also provides virtual professional models.
You can use the Google Earth Global Map for better design and simulate the place you want.

You can easily project the project from two to three-dimensional mode or a photo
You can get an accurate report of the progress of the project with the help of the Archicad system
Design analysis and estimation of design features and details are done in a 3D environment, and the user obtains a detailed report of the entire project.

The software is designed in an advanced manner and the user thinks that in the real world this is due to software tools.

The features of this software

  • It has the ability to bring virtual designs into the real world by connecting to Google Earth
  • The ability to design in 3D space
  • The ability to create virtual building
  • Save all data in a central database
  • The ability to build doors and windows and … in 3-dimensional format
  • It can transfer files from 2D to 3D or vice versa with full control
  • Ability to report very new
  • Ability to manage and edit files if needed
  • Ability to integrate with BIMcloud
  • Ability to create central databases

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